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Jun 3rd

Website Status, and Photography
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9:11 am - Post Category: Nickness

Hello interwebz, it's been a while, how you doin'?

Sorry about my absence!

I've been busy with life, and I've been taking a lot of photos, but just not had the time to update my website.

I feel terrible about it, but I would like to keep the website going.

Going forward I have lots of plans for this website including continuing my photo blogging, a back-end rebuild and perhaps some exploration back into different subjects.

Stay tuned.

- Nick

May 27th

The Fountain Valley
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2:04 pm - Post Category: Nickness

Another drive, and another great set of photos! This time Janice got some photos too!

Getting my White Balance
Getting a reference shot to adjust my White balance.

We drove south out of Lillooet on Highway 12 until we got to Fountainview Academy where Fountain Valley Road meets the Fraser Canyon.

Fountain Valley Road
Photo Credit: Janice Post

It was nice day for a drive through the Fountain Valley, minus a few clouds.

Narrow road|Credit: Janice Post
Photo Credit: Janice Post

The road is well maintained, quite narrow at some spots, and definitely fun to drive with lots of dips and tight/blind corners.

Lillooet Range

The Lillooet Range of mountains spans from Lillooet to Lytton, the East side being home to the Fraser River and the Fraser Canyon. Photo Credit: Janice Post

Photo Credit: Janice Post.

Abandoned Cabin

There is a surprising amount of population in the Fountain Valley although some dwellings have been long left behind.


33 years on and my GMC is still running strong, reliable and gets out for great adventures! Here we're finally at Fountain Lake.

Fountain Lake
Fountain Lake is home to many lovely cabins, and perhaps some permanent homes?

A cow
We saw plenty of cattle as well as horses on the road on our drive.

My favorite hairpin.
Almost out of the Fountain Valley to the north and I spotted a view that I couldn't pass of my favorite hairpin on Highway 99 North.

Fountain Flats Trading Post
Once we had made it through the valley and after stopping roadside for the last picture we stopped for some beverages and a snack at the beautiful Fountain Flats Trading Post on Highway 99 North, which is only 10 minutes from Lillooet.

The Mighty Fraser River meets the Bridge River
There is great lookout on the highway of the salmon drying racks where the Bridge River meets the Mighty Fraser River.

Road 40
This same stop presents an amazing view of the start of the unofficially named Road 40 which brings its travelers past Carpenter Lake to Gold Bridge and a handful of other towns, ghost towns and gold towns!

The rest of the drive just brings us back home to Lillooet, and thus completing our circle route.

May 22nd

West Pavilion Forest Service Road
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10:57 pm - Post Category: Nickness

Only a five minute drive North of Lillooet, this active Forest Service road climbs the steep Camelshoof Peak with many switchbacks to a spectacular view of Fountain Flats and the Fraser River on Highway 99 North.

Near the beginning of the road at the riverside and the base of the mountain Pavilion NW3 is the location of salmon drying racks that have been used for generations by local natives.

On the way to the hill-climb there is an un-matched view of the CN route perched just below and out of sight of Highway 99.

Not far up the hill yet and the views keep getting better, now Fountain Flats can been seen entirely!

This is a particular favourite stretch of highway to me as there is an impressively narrow hairpin turn as the highway dips down into the tiny valley followed by a double 90 degree turn under the rail tracks (the only such turn I've ever seen on any highway in my life).

On the East side of Camelshoof Peak the valley opens up wide.

The wide valley is great for ranching, the Fraser River and the route of the highway!

Mar 27th

Photo Drive
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2:47 pm - Post Category: Nickness

So I wanted to take some pictures and ended up going on a 250km drive with my dad to Mount Currie for a sandwich.

We left Lillooet at 9:45am en route to Shalath via Carpenter Lake Road/Seton Portage Road.

Upon arrival in Shalath magnificent views welcomed us, while many photos were taken only a few made the blog-cut.

First is a look at the gigantic mountains that make you feel very small:

Posted Image

The CN Passenger train makes a trip here every day from Lillooet, we had just missed it leaving town:

Posted Image

Every direction you go into BC back country you see an amazing Mountain-scape. Somehow these turn signs look great with a nice backdrop:

Posted Image

On the way to the Mission Dam there is a spectacular example of nature where the Bridge River lays at the bottom of a massive horseshoe slide, and today is just a trickle beyond the dam.

Posted Image

After grabbing a sandwich in Mount Currie, we decided to take the 99 home and I got to experience the highway eastbound which is surprisingly an entirely different highway than the exact same highway westbound! We had to stop at the Lillooet sign for a shot!
Posted Image

Mar 11th

Organized Madness
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12:26 pm - Post Category: Nickness

I've spent much of this morning cutting, threading and running Cat 6 Ethernet cables for all of my servers. The result (aside from faster inter-server communication) is cable management at its finest.

Cables, Managed.

Mar 3rd

Seton Lake, Lillooet BC
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6:58 pm - Post Category: Nickness

I've been missing-in-action from my own website and I apologize.

Moving to Lillooet made me realize a lot of things about life. I left the only place I'd ever known for a town I'd been to twice.

I'm in love with this town, and you should be too! Lillooet was the birthplace of the Gold Rush in BC, the home of Matthew Begbie (the hanging judge) for a brief time and in the 1850's it was the largest city West of Chicago and North of San Fransisco with a population of over 35000 (Vancouver was a small town to the South West!)

Anyways, I'm working on re-designing tensioncore.com right now and I've got to sort through many photos after working on another couple of websites. So I'll do my best to tell some stories and share some nice photos more often now, seeing as I have the time and inspiration to do so!

Here's one I took today at Seton Lake within the town limits of Lillooet!

Seton Lake, Lillooet BC

May 31st

Midnight snack was inspirational.
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11:38 pm - Post Category: Staged Photography

My love for Organic Avalon Chocolate Milk has met a nice match with some Tea Biscuits!

Feb 7th

The Phones of Vancouver: A Preview
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6:15 pm - Post Category: Staged Photography

I'm excited to officially announce that starting in 2013 I will be publishing Calendars featuring my photography.

The calendars will all have themes, and will be professionally produced/printed.

My first Calendar will be called "The Phones of Vancouver" - a perspective of a great city from some of the few remaining Pay Phones that exist within it.

I'd like to share one of the photos that will be featured in this Calendar. Enjoy.

Phones of Vancouver Preview

Jan 3rd

New Years, New Photos!
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9:57 pm - Post Category: Nickness

So on January 1st Janice and I went for a photo-walk around Point Grey in Vancouver, and I snapped some pretty amazing pictures that I'd like to share!

First: Almond Park Bench.

Second: Vancouver at Night

Click for full size Picture

(This picture is extremely large!)

Dec 23rd

Holidays in Vancouver
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3:32 pm - Post Category: Nickness

Last night I went on a mission to take a couple very specific photos, one of which is of a very large tree at English Bay in Vancouver.

I've seen the photo taken before from another angle, and in Black & White and so I knew I needed to take a picture of a commonly photographed subject with my own unique touch.

This photo takes a couple of shooting styles that I've found are becoming my trademarks; Perspective and Depth of Field. The photo is also a night shot.

If you like it, please leave a comment! If not, then leave some criticism, I enjoy feedback of any type!

Click for larger picture

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